Family Based Immigration:

Phoenix Immigration Lawyer The purpose of family based immigration is to aid the reunification of temporary divided families. This means that if you have a relative that is a United States citizen (USC) or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), then your relative who is a USC or LPR can petition for you to come to the United States. Except for the group of family members known as “immediate relatives” the visa available through family petition has numerical limits based on the category that under which your alien relative falls fits. Immediate relatives are usually parents of a U.S. citizen or spouse of a U.S. citizen. U.S. visa for someone engaged to a U.S. citizen is handled under a different non-immigrant visa category known as the Fiancé visa. If you want to petition for a family member or your fiancé please call our office and schedule a consultation. The preferences for family-based immigration are as follows:
There are 5 preferences for Family-Based Immigration

This preference is given to unmarried sons and daughters of United States citizens: A son or daughter is someone 21 years or older
2nd preference: This is for relative of green card holder (child or spouse)
3rd preference: Unmarried son or daughter of green card holder fall under the third preference
4th preference is for married son or daughter of a US citizen (including children under 21)
5th preference is the final preference which is for brother or sister of a US citizen (including spouse and children under the age 21)